SEO tutorial : 5 Easy Steps Of Doing An Image Optimization

The basic steps are there for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that are On-page Optimization, Off-page Optimization and Image Optimization. Definitely, these steps can help in getting the great PR (popularity rank) among the numbers of websites. Here we are going to discuss basic steps for image optimization.

As in nowadays the search engines are getting more smart and intelligent so maintaining a good rank among all has become a hard task to do. Nevertheless, the quantities are increasing day by day by and so that finding the quality content is becoming more and more difficult for the visitors on the sites. Therefore, the thing that can help in it is on-page optimization.

On-page optimization can be said a pillar for the base of SEO and the image optimization is one of its most important features. Images play an important role in making a high visual component webpage that can attract a huge number of visitors.

A careless use of the pictures can damage the quality of your content. However, the attractive and the efficient use of pictures can enhance the content quality. The Image Optimization factors are discussed below.

1. Alt tag

Alt stands for the alternate it is the most important factor of image optimization. The alt tag carries the information of the particular image and it shows the text if the image is not able to appear on the system.

Most of the search engines are text based, as they do not understand about the image. They consider the location of videos and the images as the empty space. Therefore, in that way alt tag can be the best option to make them understand about the image.

The quality of an alt tag depends on its length as the short but descriptive alt tag always gets appreciation from the SEO.

2. Image Relevance

Image relevancy is a most important part of Image optimization in SEO. As it makes sure that, the picture that has been used is according to the content.

3. File Name

File name is yet another important part of the image optimization. It includes giving a specified key name to the image instead of using its specified name. Using the short but descriptive key filename will be better as far as the SEO is considered as these key names seems SEO friendly.

4. Image Size and Its Hosting

The other crucial part of the image optimization is depends on the image size. An image can increase the size of your page and it can take several minutes to be upload on the system, which cannot said as a good condition form the SEO point of view.

As a recent Panda update said that time that is being taken by a website to get upload, plays an important role to make an effective SEO ranking. Yahoo Smushit can help you in this, as it is a tool to decrease the excess bytes of your image.

5. Importance Of Title Tag and Image Linking

Images are the main point of attraction for the one and this attraction is enhanced when these eye-catching images are linked perfectly. In spite of linking the images directly, one should use the anchor texts.
After linking the images, one should not forget to use an appropriate SEO friendly title tag that will help you in increasing your popularity ranks.

How do you like our tips for Image Optimization? Let us know. And don’t forget to share  your any other tips that you feel suits best in this list.

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