SEO – How to make google to Index Your Joomla site

You have hight Pagerank Joomla website or you are New website building
You have Hight quality backlinks or havent
And do you write best unique Articles or not?
Do you want google to index your joomla website faster?
This tutorial will help you to make google index your site faster and faster.
Speed up your joomla website

1. Setup google analytics for your site and install the code.
2. Setup your site in google webmaster tools.
3. Submit sitemap for everyday update your site. learn more about “How to submit sitemap.xml to google webmaster tool in joomla 1.5.x 2.5.x and 3.x
4. Build quality links
5. Do proper off page learn more about “Six steps Make your website faster with google speed
6. Blog-posting: submit your articles to your blogs

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