The component will list all articles within a section, grouped by categories. It combines and extends Joomla!’s build in “Section Layout” and “Category List Layout” where there are various available configurations you can control to achieve the layout you desire.

Section is the best tool to create Frequently Asked Questions page or simple directories for your Joomla 1.5 website.

SectionEx was written on Joomla! 1.5 using its MVC “model-view-controller” architecture by Robert Kuster (

Updated 1.6.8
+ Added option to bypass template override
# Fixed template override issues.
# Fixed issue where page title didnot show when item menu setting (system) enabled the option ‘show_title’.
# Fixed incompatibility with ContentHelperQuery in Joomla’s com_content.

Updated 1.6.7
+ Added category id exclusion. You can now exclude certain categories from the section listing.
+ Added multiple row styling.
+ Couple of fixes since 1.6.6

Updated 1.6.6
+ Fixed security vulnerability. All users prior to 1.6.6 is advised to upgrade to avoid any inconveniences.

Updated 1.6.3
+ Added 5 new templates.
+ Added new RSS support for each category.
+ Added user timezone support.
+ Added new default configuration in the back end
+ Added ajax auto complete feature when filtering author names

SectionEx is free to download and use. Professional technical support is available at a small fee. Details at

For community support, discussion and feature request, please visit

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