Scroll Links Box Navigation Menu-BoxyMenu

BoxyMenu is a simple and fast navigation menu plugin that renders smoothly in all major web browsers. It is simple to customize and can be plugged in to any website or web application.

BoxyMenu Parameters

  • itemDisplaySpeed: Menu item scroll speed
  • loadAnimationSpeed: Load animation speed
  • menuItemWidth: Width of each box
  • menuItemHeight: Height of each box
  • boxHorizontal: No of horizontal boxes for load animation
  • boxVertical: No of vertical boxes for load animation



Using BoxyMenu

In your HTML file add the following references in the head section.

  • Add a reference to latest jQuery script
  • Add a reference to boxymenu.js file
  • Add a reference to boxymenu.css file

Add the Markup/HTML code for your menu and call boxymenu initializer function. Here is the complete code.

Fast and Simple Links Box Navigation Menu: BoxyMenu

$(document).ready(function () {


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