This Joomla! room booking component will help you organize a timetable for your ‘building’, ‘room’, class and so on. A room can be many things like books in the library, PCs in auditory, seats in the theater and etc. These things can be reserved with help of Room Booker.

You configure each item from the back-end step by step and your staff members use it from the front-end to save you from headache of doing every room booking or seat reservation yourself.


On the home page of the component, you’ll see 3 calendars: the current month and the next 2 months. The current day is highlighted.

* If you click on a date bookings for this date are shown listed by ‘building’ – ‘room’ name. For each booking period, short description, staff member name and class name are shown.
* If you click on a booking you’ll see all the information about it.

You can edit, save and delete a booking only if you’re an owner or have the back-end access to the site. If you attempt to delete a recurring booking you will be asked to confirm the removal of this booking only or all the recurring event bookings as well.

You can configure the component so that only staff members will be able to perform operations with time/seat reservations. Guest and/or registered users can browse room bookings but cannot create bookings in this case.

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