RokTwittie v2.7 for J1.5, v1.7 for J2.5

RokTwittie provides a means of transporting the various aspects of Twitter, such as your tweets, your profile information and plus much more, into your Joomla. Perfect for any site with a Social edge.



The configurability of the module is its best feature, allowing you to choose which aspects you wish to show which can result in a short, contracted module or a full page of tweets, searches and information. Tweak the Twittie to your liking.


  • Real Time Tweets: dynamic updates from Twitter for your tweets
  • Search: use the inbuilt search to scan for usernames or keywords to show in RokTwittie
  • Profile information: showcase your profile details, such as name, avatar and bio
  • Fast Loading: the module has been built for speed and performance
  • Highly configurable: with a fantastic amount of options, the module can be changed easily to your own personal preferences

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