★ What is RokSlideShow?

RokSlideshow is a mootools powered JavaScript slideshow that allows you to quickly and easily display a selection of images and transition between them. The slideshow itself is very flexible and easily customizable and offers a great alternative to flash-based solutions.


The slideshow comes in 3 formats. A standalone HTML/JavaScript solution for inclusion in any website or page; A Joomla 1.0 module, and a Joomla 1.5 module. We highly recommend using RokSlideshow in Joomla 1.5 for optimal performance and ease of use.

★ Features

– Mootools v1.1x and v1.2.x compatible
– 6 Customizable Transition Type: Fading, Zooming, Panning, Combo (Ken Burns Effect), Pushing, Wiping.
– 30 Customizable Wipe and Push transitions including bounce, linear, exponential, etc.
– Support for hyper-linked images.
– Alphabetical, Creation Date, Random, and Manual order modes.
– Support for Image captions below the slideshow including support for titles and descriptions.
– Customizable title, description font color and sizes with no extra css files.
– Completely customizable transition and image durations as well as Pan and Zoom values.
– Internationalization via JoomFish support.

★ Changelog

——————– 4.2 Release [23-Aug-2010] ——————–
23-Aug-2010 Djamil Legato
+ MooTools 1.2 compatibility

——————– 4.1 Release [26-Jun-2009] ——————–
26-Jun-2009 Djamil Legato
# Removed possible error for PHP4

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