Responsive Photo Gallery

Bug Fix: v2.6.2 Fixed an issues with some responsive templates and the Flickr delivery system.

Upgraded release (v2.6.1) from GraphicAholic. Added two new user request features. 1) Auto photo scroll and timer option. 2) Show/Hide Joomla and Flickr titles option. and it’s still FREE… as it should be!


Responsive Photo Gallery for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x. Create stunning eye catching photo galleries in a simple and easy ‘responsive’ way. Responsive Photo Gallery will self adjust to whatever browser or screen size your viewing from. When viewing from a smartphone or a touch pad, you’ll love it’s finger swipe navigation ability on both the carousel and the main photo. There are only a few module options to set because the power is in the code! Responsive Photo Gallery uses the power of the jQuery Library Script (version 1.7.x or newer), a few supporting jQuery scripts and some basic code as its backbone.

PLEASE NOTE: The jQuery Library script version 1.7.x MUST be used for the Joomla 2.5 version with this extension or it will not work!

Responsive Photo Gallery has been tested to be compatible with IE8+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Smartphone and Touch Pad browsers.

Change Log:
Upgrade Release: v2.6.0 for Joomla 2.5 & 3.x Added an auto photo scroll and timer option along with a Joomla/Flickr show/hide photo title option. Fixed a bug in the Joomla 3.x folder selector when installed on a localserve.
Housekeeping & minor bug fix release: v2.4.0b for Joomla 3.x Only!
Upgrade Release: v2.4.0a for Joomla 3.x Only!
Upgrade Release: v2.3.0 Ability to render Flickr Private Photosets.
Upgrade Release: v2.2.0 Fixed loadposition tag issue and added a new drop-down option for showing different Flickr main photo cations.
Upgrade Release: v2.1.0 Now supporting Flickr Photosets.
Initial Release: v2.0.0

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