Replace dashboard news feed with another rss feed

Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will let you replace the existing RSS feed widget with another RSS feed. Change YOUR_FEED_NAME with the name you wish to display in the widget title this is located on line 09. You will need to also make adjustments to “url, title, items, show_summery, show_author, show_date” located from line 14-19.



add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'my_dashboard_widgets');
function my_dashboard_widgets() {
global $wp_meta_boxes;
wp_add_dashboard_widget( 'dashboard_custom_feed', 'YOUR_FEED_NAME' , 'dashboard_custom_feed_output' );
function dashboard_custom_feed_output() {
echo '<div class="rss-widget">';
'url' => '',
'title' => 'MY_FEED_TITLE',
'items' => 2,
'show_summary' => 1,
'show_author' => 0,
'show_date' => 1
echo '</div>';

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