RD Cloud Zoom

This plugin allows you to zoom images placed anywhere inside your Joomla site.
This native extension for Joomla! 1.5 is based on the fantastic jQuery script developed by Professor Cloud.

Usage is very simple.
After you installed and enabled the plugin, simply create two images with different size. The smallest will be used to be included inside the content, and the big one that will be used for zooming. The bigger picture must have the same name of the smaller one, just add the name prefix “big_” (eg.: small image: “image.jpg” / big image: “big_image.jpg”).
You can store images into any folder within the site.
Assign the “class” attribute at the smallest image, depending on the desired zoom (zoom_out – zoom_inner – zoom_focus).
You can also add a “title” attribute that will be shown inside the zoom window.
The plugin work with images included into modules too.


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