Qlue ToolTip

Qlue Tooltip can display any html content such as text, images and even other Joomla modules (e.g. Login form, latest news modules, custom module). Easy to use syntax will get your Tooltip working in minutes.


This plugin is a system plugin so it can be used anywhere on your site, inside any module and any component. This module is quick and easy to install and compatible with any website using Joomla! 1.5 & Joomla! 1.6.

Syntax Examples:

** Qlue Tooltip with Text **
{qluetip title=[Test this Awesome Plugin!]}This is the text that appears inside your Awesome Qlue Tooltip Plugin!{/qluetip}

** Qlue Tooltip with a Module **
{qluetip title=[Test this Awesome Plugin!!] sticky=[1] mod=[login]}{/qluetip}

Visit http://qlue.co.uk/extensions/114-extension/441-qlue-tooltip.html for more Syntax Examples to get your Plugin working just the way you want it too!

Feature Summary:

– Specfiy the width of the Tooltip!
– Specify how long the Tooltip transition will last!
– Style the Tooltip to look the way you want!
– Set whether the Tooltip stays on the screen or disappears.
– Language file support for users who need to translate this plugin into their native language
– Module Class Suffix support for custom styling

and much much more!!

Visit http://qlue.co.uk/extensions/114-extension/441-qlue-tooltip.html for more information about this great Joomla! plugin.

Check out the images below to see some great examples of Qlue Tooltip…

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