Pro Image Flow

NEW and revamped, Pro Image Flow is the right image slideshow for your Joomla! website. The extension has been rewritten from scratch to match your needs. New options were added to make it powerful yet simple to use.

Whether you want to show off your pictures to your friends in style, or present your ideas and products to your production team and potential customers professionally, this extension will drive attention to anyone entering your site.

While other products gives you a limited
amount of images to manage and display, it’s not the case with this product. There is no limit in the number of categories and images you can add and manage.

The latest version also comes with 4 lightbox engines support. You can also use the product with JCE MediaBox or RokBox and open your selected images in a modal window.

It can be used anywhere on your site, in separate configurations, and supports UNLIMITED pictures. Images will be auto resized, with landscape and portrait pictures support of any size.
It can link each image to a different page, website or a Joomla article.

Create categories, add images, sort them the way you want. To simplify things even further, we’ve added support for images from folders. Just point to a folder and you have an instant flow. Simple as that!

Tweaking settings is also easy. You have total control. You can set the starting picture, add blur, or set the distance between images. Almost everything can be adjusted.

The images can be browsed manually (or with the mouse wheel or the keyboard arrows) or you can set it autoplay.

* New feature : SmartPublish (publish up to 5 categories on separate menus)
* New feature : Schedule (schedule up to 5 categories to start/end by date)
* New feature : Country Access (publish up to 5 categories based by visitor country)
* JoomFish! support
* Resize function with 3 options
* Hassle-free configuration
* Free and fast support

Product has been tested and works with Joomla! 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 2.5

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