Pro Accordion Menu

Pro Accordion Menu is now available for Joomla 1.6. Using it for your site simply with two steps only: installation and assigning a menu from Joomla menu system.



* Multi templates option (currently it supports 2 color: light blue and green)
* Accordion from start level (it is useful for you to get accordion from submenu from main horizon menu)
* Accordion ended level
* Support two accordion types: CLICK and Hover options
* Remind expanded item when browsing the link
* Parent items link: when you use CLICK option, this is useful for you because you won’t be redirected to other page.
* Remove Mootools conflict: Use this if you got any javascript error such as $(‘yourelement’)…. is not a function…
* Multi Expand Items: This option is very different with Accordion version 2. This option allows you to expand many items at the same time
* Slide Toggle Speed is for click’s speed
* Slide Down speed is for hover’s speed

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