Polaroid Magento Theme free

Product Description

The Polaroid Magento Theme is released for the Smashing Magazine community. It is a feature rich and CSS3-powered new magento theme that can be used to sell products in style. Whether you are selling ultra modern, contemporary or classic, this theme will complement them all.



The polaroid theme features include:

– CSS3 powered: we wanted to take advantage of the CSS3 great features to add additional style to the fonts used in this theme.

– Polaroid effect: this is another effect made possible with CSS3. The product grid display product with random orientation.

– Product zoom: we spiced the category page further by adding a zoom to the product grid. When you mouse over a product, it zooms in to reveal in greater details the product you are looking at.

– a horizontal and vertical navigation menu on the home page for ease of Navigation

– a horizontal layered navigation experience which allows users to easily filter their products by available attributes


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