Pinbook – Pinterest Joomla Template

Pinbook is resposive joomla template based on pinterest and designed for mobiles, tablets and desktops.

It is compatible with Joomla 2.5.

  • K2 items and joomla articles are displayed in one infinite sequence.
  • Pinterest style
  • Supported All default K2 modules
  • Clean and classic style
  • More then 20 Module positions
  • Uses Solid grid system and Bootstrap framework
  • Mobile optimized Menu
  • Built with Masonary JS

Pinbook Features

K2 items support

  • Fully responsive K2 Pages
  • K2 category, sub category and items pages
  • Tag and comment supported

Works with Mobile, tablets and Desktop

  • Tested for Android, iphone and Tablets
  • Optimized display for mobiles and desktops
  • No hassle of appstore for users & webmasters

Pinterest Style

  • K2 items and joomla articles are displayed in one infinite sequence.
  • Easy to comment and review
  • Built with Masonary JS

What is Pinbook?

Pinbook is responsive Joomla template based on Pinterest.

What Joomla version it supports?

It supports Joomla2.5.

How does it benefit my Joomla site?

it gives Pinterest style to your site. Using Pinbook template you can offer visitors mobile/tablet version of your site.
Pinbooke uses bootstrap framework and Masonary JS. It detects device type and size and optimizes Joomla content according to device screen size.

Does the site visitor has to take any action to see mobile version of site?

Site visitor doesn’t need to take any special action to access mobile website. They just types regular url in mobile browser and instantly sees mobile optimized Joomla site.

Does it supports orientations?

It does support landscape and portrait views in smart phones and tablets

What languages are supported?

Right now it is only supporting English, Spanish, Italian and German language but our next version will support more languages.

Does it work with third party extensions?

It may or may not. If the extensions provider also uses responsive design concept then it may work.

What if I have problem installing the template on my site?

You can search in support forums for the issue you are facing. If you do not find similar problem then you can raise your issue in forum.

How can I install it on my site?

You can also check the installation guide.

Is Pinbook actively supported?

Pinbook is actively supported and it will also be compatible with Joomla 3.0 soon.

How can I upload youtube video?

You can use HTML5 Video tag ( )within article editor. If the editor doesn’t allow to enter Html5 tags then disable editor from admin settings and then modify article. Although we recommend you install open source extensions like Allvideo.

Which are the other related products?

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