PGT RssScroller

Rel. 1.10: now with multi-instance support and Joomla 1.6 version

Module to display RSS feeds published by other sites. It uses Google AJAX technology for reading RSS feeds from up to 10 different sources. It allows you to view feeds with different transition mode: block, fading, sliding (2 modes), continuous list. It is completely customizable via configuration options and CSS.


Currently this module supports:
* Collection of feed from up to 10 different sources, using Google AJAX technology (requires a Google API key)
* Feeds rended within a configurable height module with five different transition effects: block scroll, fading of the first feed, constant speed scroll, decreasing speed scroll (smooth effect), non-stop scroll
* Multi-instance (several module instances on the same web page)

Configurable features:
* Module suffix
* Google API Key
* Number of feeds/page to display
* Module height (pixels)
* Transition effect
* Duration of the transition effect
* Display time for each feed
* Enable/disable the title display (source name)
* Enable/disable the feed date display (if available)
* For a maximum of 10 feed sources: source name, url, number of feeds to show

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