Pet Shop – Magento Theme

Magento Theme – Pet Shop theme is very user friendly with lot of features like left navigation ,slide show etc.. these features takes this theme to next level in designing product view page uses Fancy pop up to zoom the product images .tabs reduces the page length.



Special Features

  • AJAX Navigation Search – (User hates loading search page for everything…he/she searches, In this theme It does happen, Its all AJAX Search) Worth 99$, Comes FREE with this theme.
  • Jextn Ajax Layered Navigation
  • Easy layered navigation on the product page
  • Ajax based pagination
  • Sort products without page reload
  • Flexible product page
  • Minimises product page loading time
  • Stylish Menu with quick dropdown
  • Left side category display
  • Featured Products in home page
  • New Products in home page
  • Slide show has smooth fade in effect displayed in finely designed frame
  • Smooth tab option in product page reduces space in product detail page by displaying product details as tabs
  • Fancybox effect in product detail page improves image visibility.providing full image view in fancy box effect
  • Each product image is given a photo frame design which makes category display more beautiful
  • Installable Pack, You can setup the demo website in less than 5 Minutes



  • SEO Friendly
  • Design layout
  • W3C Valid XHTML Strict
  • Completely customizable
  • Tested with FF3, FF4, IE8, IE7, IE9, Safari, Chrome
  • Support Magento 1.5.x
  • Third party Extension Support

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