Personal Goals Manager

Personal Goal Manager is a powerful Joomla! component for goals, habits and personal schedule management. It works either as stand-alone solution or as JomSocial add-on. The component supports milestones scheduling, visual progress tracking, JomSocial community sharing and more.


S.M.A.R.T Goals Creation
You can set as many goals as you wish. For better results use S.M.A.R.T. paradigm to create your goals:
– Specific title, description and engaging image.
– Measurable metrics to assess your progress correctly.
– Attainable milestones to manage core activities.
– Realistic due date scheduling option.
– Time-bound milestones to set intermediate aims for every goal.

Habits Management
Manage your habits. Every habit has a title, weight (that indicates how important this habit for you) and positive/negative attribute. Set up the number of times you should repeat the activity to form a habit or to get rid of a bad one.
The personal management component counts your total daily rating according to weight you set for every habit and shows your progress in summarized chart.

Think over intermediate targets for your goal achievement and create time-bounded milestones. With built-in calendar you can visualize your progress on milestones and goal as a whole.

Tracking Progress
Dashboard offers simple presentation of the data associated with your active goals and habits.
Record your activities daily to manage your progress. Your records can include: emails, URLs, images, integer numbers, select lists, check boxes or radio buttons.
Personal Goals Manager measures your progress on every goal strictly according to your daily records and displays it in understandable graphical view. Every goal has special status icon and progress bar on a dashboard. The color depends on the time left till the deadline.

Collaborative Networking
The Personal Goals Manager is JomSocial 2.0 – 2.4 compatible. It engages Community members to connect around their challenges, share their daily progress on Activity Stream and support each other.


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