Periodical WP / Clean & Elegant Theme

Periodical comes with a great admin panel that lets you configure your site without headache. The biggest feature of the admin panel is the opportunity to style your website with a few clicks, without any coding skills needed.



Background textures and colors

Periodical provides 8 customs textures for your body background. Each of them are semi-transparent so you can specify a solid color in the theme options and it will appear under the texture.

Complete control of your logo

With 8 differents fonts available and the option to choose a specific color, there is no easier way to have a gorgeous logo.

Choose your logo text from the admin panel or you can upload your own custom logo.

Complete control over the entire typography

If you are tired of searching for the right element in the CSS to change the color, size and font, you will love Periodical.

Customize your heading (H2 to H6) with a choice of 10 georgous font. Define the color and the size of them to fit your needs. You can do the same thing for the body text and links. You’re just a few click away from your dream design.

10 awesome custom widgets to display your content

I created a lot of custom widgets for Periodical because I had a concept in mind. I wanted the user to be able to create custom pages and build layout using these widgets so I gave them the options to have different widths.

So this is what I used to build the Homepage and the Widgetized page. So now the normal “Text Widget” can have a width applied to it, so you can have a 1/3 text widget next to a 2/3 dribbble widget and everything will fit perfectly.

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