PDC Music zone – Drupal Themes

This Drupal Template is very appealing and blazing; you will get new perspective of music and get devastating feeling of energy and vigor while developing your project with showy Music Zone Drupal 6.3 Template. This template conveys the idea of creative and joyful lifestyle and easiness of every endeavor you undertake.



The header of this template has pink background with creeping plant ornament and the sneaker with earphones instead of shoe-laces. The background of the template is yellow with white, blue and pink content blocks with rounded colors. The content area comprises the photos of singers; the text has maroon, blue and black coloring. The color exuberance and vividness of this life affirming template reflects the true essence of music. Music Zone Drupal Template will make it possible to evoke inventiveness and imagination in your website visitors and show the magnificent world of music.

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