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MP3 Drupal 6.3 Template is simple and very functional. It will be unmatched choice if you are going to develop your music related website where you will make overviews of latest music releases and highlight significant events in the world of music. This Premium Drupal Template is easily adjustable to most strict development requirements and demands, so you will not face any issues while working with the professional Drupal theme.



The header of MP3 Drupal Theme has a dotted MP3 logo in pink you can customize along with glassy black navigation bar. There are two rounded corner content columns with white, blue, and black backgrounds that use white and black text. The content area comprises the photos of singers and youth bands. This Drupal Template has a width of 816 pixels and is available in .PSD, and .PHP sources. You may find new approach to the music and share it with other people on-line; with your Drupal theme based website you stand great chance to present your music perception and understanding of music styles to others.

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