100% Open-Source Membership Software, Use it for unlimited time to sell paid membership plans!
30 days money back guarantee.

Unqiue features of PayPlans
1. You can provide attractive discounts to your users upon joining you on social networks. For example, discounts upon likes on Facebook, following on twitter and +1 on Google+.
2. Create Micro-Subscriptions. For example, 3 hours subscriptions.
3. Eye soothing interface.
4. Managed installation for easy upgrades.
5. Multiple Themes available to give unique look and feel.
6. More than 80 apps to enhance your experience with PayPlans.
7. Professional Invoice Generation.
8. Multiple Language support.
9. You can use multiple accounts of one payment gateway.

All Features: For More ( )
1. Single Click Installation: PayPlans installer makes it damn easy for you to install the software and start selling membership in seconds.

2. Application Integration: Integrated with many known applications and processors like Paypal processor, JomSocial, JSPT, Emailer, Docman, Google Analytics, Moset Tree, K2 and JUGA .

3. Powerful Discount System: PayPlans comes to you with event based triggering of tasks for discounting purposes. This results in enhancement of the performance of this component.

4. Social Discounting: We provide discounts on purchase of PayPlans for every like on Facebook, tweet on Twitter and sharing on Google Plus.

5. Professional Invoice Generation: Invoices for every created order are generated and can be downloaded by the customers. Administrators are allowed to download invoices in bulk too.

6. Front-end User Account: PayPlans has inbuilt front-end account management system. Your client can view orders placed by him/her. Client can print invoices, renew membership or see their existing subscriptions.

7. Recurring Subscription: Recurring payments can easily be made through PayPal, 2checkout and Authorize.Net.

8. Micro-Subscriptions: Subscriptions for very short duration of time can be created with PayPlans. Even, you can create a subscription lasting for 1 hour.

9. Unlimited Membership Plans: Your membership site can have as many “plans” as you wish to offer. There is no restriction on how many plans you can create. Fixed, Recurring, Trial 1 , Trial 2, Forever free any type of plan can be set-up.

10. Registration Integration: PayPlans system is integrated with Joomla, JomSocial and Community Builder registration. PayPlans also provide quick registration process by itself.

11. Wallet & Transactions: Wallet acts as a money bag for each and every customer. Here, the amount paid by the customer is received and consumed according to the subscribed plan. Each and every transaction is monitored and entries are created for every reception of amount and dispatch of the amount.


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