Origin Pack – Now all 5 colors for the price 1

Origin is one of those templates that you look at and you can see the time and effort that has gone into making it a solid, robust and highly functional template.

Perfect for the content-rich website

Comprising 10 module positions, JJ Origin is the perfect template for anyone with a content-rich website who needs to ensure easy navigation for users. The user boxes (user 1 and user 2 above the site content) can hold 1 or 2 modules and will automatically style correctly. The info box above the site footer can hold up to 3 modules and will also style and resize automatically depending on the number of modules assigned.

Colorful and SEO friendly

If color variety is what you are after then look no further! JJ Origin comes in 5 different colors for you to choose from – Blue, Orange, Green, Pink and Yellow and, as with all JoomlaJunkie’s templates thus far, JJ Origin is fully optimized for SEO. Its 4 level Suckerfish menu allows you to deploy an SEO hungry website by creating a complex set of menu links for the webcrawlers and spider robots to crawl. This also makes it a lot easier to manage the content on your website as you have the ability to to really exploit the power of Joomla’s sections and categories method of handling content.

Features Summary

  • 2 column layout
  • 10 module positions
  • All modules fully collapsible
  • Full width page option without sidebar
  • Detailed install and tips guide
  • Detailed style sheets with comments to guide you
  • CSS and XHTML valid

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