Ninja 3D Carousel

You got some nice products to show off?
Why do like the rest with boring and dull carousels that only move in 2D space?
3D is the new hit. And you don’t want to fall behind, do you?

This project was just a simple conversion for a client initially. The job was to make the Moolet MooTools 3D Image Carousel to work natively on Joomla 1.5. But we got carried away because we wont settle with a module before it’s as good as it can possibly get.

Therefore there is nothing left from the Moolets code, we actually went to the source of Moolets code, instead of simply using theirs.

We also went more deeply into making it easier to use. We went so far that there comes a editable fireworks png with it that allows you to prototype settings and see what it would look like with your settings. And even more importently, make you understand what exactly each setting do, and how they relate to one another.


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