Nimbus – Joomla Cloud Template

Nimbus is an atmospheric Joomla template with inbuilt support for Azrul’s MyBlog and JomComment Joomla components. It comes loaded with an awesome array features which include the Jquery superfish menu, a secret hidden panel as well as the ability to run in lite mode if you dont want any of the shiny javascript effects.


What type of cloud are you?

Nimbus comes in four cloud variations to suit your mood. You can choose between two light (blue and white) or two dark (black and black/silver) themes to suit your mood.

JB Slideshow3

Built in jQuery driven slider

Nimbus comes with a neat jQuery slider positioned below the superfish menu which gives you the option of sliding any modules published to the slide1 to slide9 module positions.

Hidden Panel

The hidden panel in Nimbus has been implemented in a different way from other designs, it lays directly over the content and not the entire page.


Nimbus comes with a full range of typography to style your text.

Module positions

Nimbus has a total of 15 module positions which expands to a total of 28 module positions if you take advantage of the finbuilt module flex. Most of the module positions are collapsible which means that this template is extremely flexible and its quite easy to create a unique format and layout for your site. 

Superfish Menu

Package Contents

  • xhtml and css valid Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.0 Template
  • Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.0 Quickstart package
  • Full source PNG Files

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