What’s black, white and red all over?

The answer is Newspaper. A stylish magazine/news style theme inspired by black and white newsprint.

Based on the latest Twitter bootstrap and designed to be as “hands off” as possible (minimal custom classes to litter your code) – most styling is done via customisation of Bootstrap’s defaults and element hierarchy styles.

If you’re experienced with Bootstrap, getting started with Newspaper is easy!

Using a sexy red for highlighting, the theme is classy and relaxed; it loves images, especially in black and white, with plenty of space to insert them. The highlight colour is easily customised (take quick read of style.css) by changing a few options – pick your bold colour and embrace the infinite design possibilities!

The theme is intended for blogs, news outlets and magazines that want a classic “newspaper” style for their content.

The package includes the, uh, Awesome icon pack “Font Awesome” for all your icon needs.

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