New J! 2.5 Feature to Add Image to Article ~ What it is and what it is NOT

For anyone else interested in this feature, let me explain what it is by telling you this . . . .

This Feature does NOT add an article background image to an article.

What this new feature DOES DO is to make adding an image to an article EASIER . . .
and with less coding knowledge/effort needed.

The Old Way:
1. You upload image to site media manager
2. You create article and insert image
3. You format where you want image in relation to the article text.

The NEW Way:
1. Upload image to site media manager
2. Create your article
3. Go to Images and Links on the right side configurations and select the image you want and where you want it
(e,g, intro, main, both)

That is all the “new” feature does folks . . . but it’s a handy and helpful new tool, don’tcha think?

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