MyAdmin is a clean admin template that utilizes the default colors of Bootstrap. It uses plenty of white space and removes all visual clutter to let you focus on your data. It can be used as a backend admin panel or modified to be used in a web application. It includes 9 pages:

  • Dashboard
  • Data Stream
  • Messages (Inbox)
  • Calendar
  • User Profile
  • User Management Page
  • FAQ
  • Settings
  • Login

It also uses the Batch Icon Set from Adam Whitcroft ( as well as the following javascript libraries:

  • jquery
  • d3 charting library
  • flot charting library
  • full calendar
  • gcal (for incorporating google calendar in full calendar)
  • jquery.knob (for the circular charts)
  • jquery.peity (for small bar charts and other graphs)
  • jquery.sparkline (for sparkline charts)
  • jquery.tablesorter (for sorting tables)
  • toastr (for growl-like notifications)

Hope you enjoy this template as much as I did making it.

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