MultiMedia Reloaded – Blog, Video, Photography

I have released a free version of this theme over at Smashing Magazine.

Please note that this version has unique features that the free version does NOT have. Read all about ithere

Additionally the free version comes unsupported.

All TF buyers get first class support by me and a theme that has many more features and capabilities compared to the free version on Smashing Magazine.

Both the TF Site manager and the Smashing Magazine guys know about the existense of the 2 versions and have approved their appearance on their respective sites.



Many possible situations have been thought through to make the use of the theme as flexible as possible. Of course we have by no means exhausted all possibilities so as you use the theme feel free to suggest the addition of more options in the comments below

So what are some of the possibilities we created for you?

When you first activate and set up the theme WordPress will display your latest posts on the frontpage.

But what if you like to have a Static Front Page with a Featured Area up on top, the latest multimedia posts below and it’s own independent widget ready areas?

And what if you want to maintain a regular blog in addition to your multimedia categories?

What if, you’d like to display the latest blog post/s on your newly created Static Front Page and what is more, what if you’d like to be able to customise this even further deciding how many of your latest blog posts to show and which specific Blog category to pull them out from?

How about passing your custom settings to your main site navigation (eg. what to include, exclude, how to sort your page menu links)?

Well, you can have all that and much more with the MultiMedia Reloaded Theme.



  1. cformsII styles included,
  2. wp-Pagenavi integrated,
  3. wp-PostRatings integrated,
  4. wp125: Easy 125×125 Ad Management For WordPress styles included
  5. “Show your last tweet” (shows on frontpage and can be removed and replaced by any plugin of your choice so in other words you are not stuck with it if you don’t like it!),
  6. Integrated Social share media,
  7. Integrated Feedburner Rss and Email,
  8. Integrated “Follow on Twitter”,
  9. “Give it a Tweet” call to your readers
  10. styles for threaded comments (if enabled),
  11. seperated comments and trackbacks (appear in animated dropdown),
  12. styled admin comments,
  13. custom avatar image for when your users don’t have their own!
  14. basic favicon



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