Multi Style jQuery images gallery

How to use


To create image gallery on your html webpage, you should encapsulate all gallery images into a block element (ex. “div”) with specified width and height properties. Galileory script would automaticly transform all image containers with class name “galileory”.

You can also transform specific image containers into galleries using javascript code:


You can use photobank as a source of images.

$(expression).galileoryFlickr( url, [options] );

url A string that contains url to Flickr user photostream, photoset or gallery.
options A set of key/value pairs that configure the Flickr request:

  • size
    Default: ‘middle’
    Predefined size of images: square, thumbnail, small, middle, large, original
  • limit
    Default: 100
    Limit of images to retrieve, maximum 500

{size: 'large', limit: 36}


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