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Luxury Home Theme is Developed with great quality and modules are implemented in this theme .these module make home page more elegant and pleasant.Best Seller modules displays top selling products on home page which helps in promoting the products .Product page has smooth fancy box for viewing image and product details can be viewed as tabs.Testimonial module helps to display users testimonials ,FAQ module is added,Slide show module makes home page more elegant,and finally Megamenu ads more beauty to this theme.


You get the following FREE with this Theme.

  • AJAX Navigation Search – (User hates loading search page for everything…he/she searches, In this theme It does happen, Its all AJAX Search) Worth 99$, Comes FREE with this theme.
  • Mega Menu – Designed by User experience design EXPERT!!. (You can browse and Add to Cart using Single Mouse Click) – Worth 75$, Comes FREE with this theme.
  • Slide show module, (Easy admin interface to control what you want to display in home page to attract more sale) Worth 25$, Comes FREE with this theme.

Special Features

Though our magento themes are loaded with various features and some of the features are here. Buy a Luxury Home theme, get Carousel Ajax mega menu and Jextn Ajax layered navigation module for free.

Carousel Ajax Mega Menu

  • Displays product image in the mega menu drop down
  • Smooth ajax pagination on the menu.
  • Efficient slide on the menu using jcarousel.
  • Display product details on a click using ajax
  • Add to cart integrated in the menu.

Jextn Ajax Layered Navigation

  • Easy layered navigation on the product page
  • Ajax based pagination
  • Sort products without page reload
  • Flexible product page
  • Minimises product page loading time

Jextn Testimonials

  • Adding testimonial by admin panel.
  • Google recaptcha enabled in frontend and settings in testimonials configuration.
  • Auto approved option in testimonials configuration.
  • Fade effect support in sidebar testimonials.

Jextn FAQ

  • Enabled and Disabled option in admin panel
  • Displayed Faq using in accordion view
  • Support multiple store views
  • Faq entries can enabled and disabled option in admin


  • Megamenu-displays 3levels of categories
  • New Product Arrivals
  • Top Seller products block in home page
  • Featured products block in home pagein tabs
  • Light box effect for product zoom in product page
  • Smooth tab option in product page reduces space in product detail page by displaying product details as tabs
  • Installable Pack, You can setup the demo website in less than 5 Minutes
  • SEO Friendly
  • Design layout
  • W3C Valid XHTML Strict
  • Completely customizable
  • Tested with FF3, FF4, IE8, IE7, IE9, Safari, Chrome
  • Support Magento 1.5.x
  • Third party Extension Support

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