MooAccordion makes it very easy to add MooTools accordion slides (show/hide blocks) to any article, which can be used to organize and display content more effectively (like in a FAQ page). The syntax is simple and easy to use.


Features include:

• adds minimal markup (and intelligently strips unnecessary markup added by editors like tinyMCE and JCE, if present) to keep the html clean and valid
• uses Joomla core MooTools library, which means this plugin adds no HTTP requests, minimizes dependencies, prevents JS conflicts, and makes it very lightweight
• adds CSS class for active block title, allowing you to toggle it’s icon (for ex, from a + to a – icon— visit for a tutorial on how to do so); more generally, the markup is fully CSS customizable
• very easy for anyone to use (without technical knowledge) and very flexible
• the show/hide effects and other settings are easily customizable from the plugin’s configuration
• compatible with IE 6-9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

The plugin is similar to JoomlaWork’s Tabs & Slides (in content items) Plugin, the plugin I originally used before being inspired to write this one. My biggest problem with the JW plugin was that when I added the plugin syntax into an article, the plugin would create invalid markup from it, because the WYSIWIG editor automatically wrapped it in an element. Also, it seemed foolish to use an old accordion script rather than the built-in accordion plugin that Joomla already comes with. This plugin solves those issues, and does so efficiently and robustly.

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