Mocha – Crisp, clear and in control

Clean, crisp and putting your content back in control – Mocha is a featured packed Joomla 1.5 template that breathes new life to any professional website.

A highly customizable template
On the internet, content is king. Put the focus back on your content without compromising on any of the flexibility you’ve become accustomed to. Mocha is all about delivering a clear and concise message with all the bells and whistles you would expect from JoomlaJunkie.



Full CSS Layout
Mocha is completely a tableless template, all tables have been completely replaced by our own CSS based layout. This means that not only is your design clean and crisp, but the code behind it too!

More modFX Styles
Mocha comes with 33 modFX styles built right in that allow you to completely customize the look of all your sidebar modules to your liking. Choose from any of the following options for each of your modules:

  • 16 Icon styles
  • 8 Module Header styles
  • 9 Module background styles

60% Faster with CSS Compression and file Include

With modern websites, load times are going up respectively as the size, complexity and number of javascript and css files loaded into a page increase.

With Mocha we have implemented a method built into the template to do 2 very important things in order to help reduce the load speeds.

Compress (gzip) CSS and Javascript
We include a php script that first checks that the server accepts this method, then it uses one of the php compression methods to reduce the size of the file for loading as well as revalidate the cache header.

Using php includes to minimize “http” requests to the server

The main focus here is to merge (on the fly) the css and javascript into single files in order to reduce the http requests. So instead of loading 6 css files, only one is loaded.

These 2 methods have shown us and increase of nearly 60% and we think it makes this an exceptionally fast loading template. This feature is built into the template and requires no setup, directly after install your visitors will enjoy enhanced browse speeds.

Accordion menu with a lot more options
You will notice a new addition to the Mocha demo: we have included a nifty accordion menu. This is not a module or a mambot and nothing needs to be installed. To implement it, we are using jQuery to apply the hooks we need and the effects to the standard Joomla menu. This is only available for Joomla 1.5 due to the improvements in the menu output in 1.5 which we are using as the base of this feature.
Mocha includes the source files

The full source files used to create the header are available in our template club for free download to all club members. If you are feeling a little creative then play a with the source files to modify the effect or make your own.

Superfish menus
We installed our newest Superfish menu into Mocha.

Superfish is great because it degrades gracefully when Javascript is switched off, allowing users who have older system to still be able to navigate your site. It also has a cool time-delay on mouse-out which means your users won’t lose the menu because they weren’t quick enough or accurate enough in pointing.
Module versatility at your fingertips

Intelli Modules Built in
This template comes with Intelli-modules which calculate how much space they can take up depending on how many of them you publish. It can handle a maximum of 2 rows of three modules. With this template there are over 11 module positions for you and 6 of those are Intelli. Talk about options!

Mod FX – Mix and match module styles!
One thing we have learn over the years is that our users want control and the means to easily customize the template to their needs. That is why we have come up with this clever system allowing you mix and match your different module styles.

Express yourself through layout versatility
Mocha brings a new dimension to layout flexibility using its flexible layout configurations that are available on a per component basis. This allows you to set a 1, 2 column layout for any component, not only that, you can even specify the ordering of the columns!

This allows you to change your sites layout, depending on the content that your users are viewing. For example, if you wanted your site to have a forum, but did not want the sidebar to be loaded when viewing the forum, you would simple set the configuration to com_fireboard = content. It really is that simple!

Features Summary:

  • Out of box install
  • Crisp Clear design
  • Full Tableless layout
  • SuperFish menu system
  • Compressed CSS
  • 10 Normal and 6 Intelli Module Positions.
  • Fully XHTML and CSS Validated and Compliant.
  • More admin options for easy maintenance
  • Multiple layout options
  • Detailed style guide
  • Semantic markup / separation of presentation and content
  • Comprehensive setup guide
  • Fireworks source included
  • Fully collapsible module positions
  • Mini menu in top bar
  • Fully compatible IE6, IE7, Safari 2, Firefox 1.5+ (mac +win), Opera

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