Mismo – Fluid width and feature rich

Packed with a whopping 12 module positions, this is the perfect template for anyone with a content rich website. It ensures ease of navigation for users. At JoomlaJunkie, we are dedicated to providing not only quality, but functional templates that are easy to style and configure, even for the novice user.

Search Engine Optimization
As with all JoomlaJunkie’s templates thus far, JJ Mismo is fully optimized for SEO. The 4 level Suckerfish menu system allows you to deploy an SEO hungry website by creating a complex set of menu links for them to spider. This also makes it a lot easier to manage the content on your website, with the ability to really utilize the power of Joomla’s sections and categories method of handling content.

We have worked hard to improve our template guide and CSS. Even if you are new to CSS, you will know that well structured code makes your life so much easier. All our code has been refined to be easier to work with and commented to be self explanatory to assist even the newest CSS user. See an example of the CSS code here.
Out of the box
A large focus with Mismo was to make it an “out of the box” template that is super easy to setup and configure. Tightly integrated code allows you to get up and running in around 5 minutes after install, depending on your Joomla! experience of course.
New look
Last but not least, notice the attention to detail and the extra styling to the search results page and the contact us page which make the template a little different from the normal Joomla! look. Another great little extra is the addition of 3 module positions above the main content that can be used to notify, alert or offer help to your website visitors. You can get a better idea of how these work in the demo page for Mismo.

Features Summary

  • JXCORE Mambot
  • 13 module positions
  • 3 column layout
  • top shelf with 4 module positions
  • user option to close shelf
  • browser options of 4 colors
  • browser options of 3 font sizes
  • built in 4 level Suckerfish menu
  • All modules fully collapsible
  • Full width page option without sidebar
  • Detailed styling on contact form and search results
  • Custom styling on polls and login modules
  • Notify, alert and help info boxes.
  • Detailed install and tips guide
  • Out of box install
  • Detailed style sheets with comments to guide you
  • XHTML / CSS valid
  • Fireworks Source

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