Mingle – Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

Mingle is an amazing WordPress theme and it’s BuddyPress ready! If you’re not familiar with BuddyPress, it’s a social network plugin for WordPress allowing your website to become a fully functional community portal. BuddyPress lets your users interract through groups, forums, friends, status updates, private messaging and a lot more.

Mingle has been designed as an adaptable and highly intuitive WordPress theme. It includes administration features giving you complete control of your website’s layout and design. The unique and easy to manage design ensures your site will stand out and be remembered.



Major feature update.

  • New feature: BuddyPress integration – This theme is BuddyPress ready.
  • New feature: Breadcrumbs – Via shortcode or PHP funciton add and configure breadcrumbs.
  • New feature: Login popup – Open a login lightbox using custom links.
  • New feature: Menu filtering – Dynamically show/hide menu items with class names to test conditions: “function-is-home”, “function-is-user-logged-in”, etc.
  • New feature: Shortcodes in menu titles and URLs (limited by WP menu functionality)
  • New feature: Inline content popups – Open hidden page content in a lightbox.
  • Updated tab styles on Skin 4.
  • Changed z-index of menus for better results.
  • Fixed bug, search layout reset by first search result.
  • Fixed bug, thank you message in contact shortcode not working.
  • Updated jQuery to v1.6.2

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