MaxBiz – Professional Joomla Business Template

MaxBiz is a corporate Joomla business template with a clean and fresh edge. It provides a solid professional appearance while being clean and clear.  It also features some new modules which will take your site to a whole new level.


Pretty Photo Lightbox

In the past we’ve bundled the slimbox and thickbox lightboxes with our templates but for the Max Biz template we figured we would use something special – a lightbox thats so slick you’ll wonder why you haven’t used it before. It perfectly integrates with the design, and is sure to impress.

Microblog Module Goodness

Clean tabbed content

JB Tabs is a pretty straightforward Jquery Tab module for Joomla. It lets you publish upto 9 modules in a tabbed format. The modules are triggered by a menu of numbers that sit discretely below the module area being tabbed.

JB Maps

This is the first template we have used our JB Maps module for. Lets you set your location, and makes it easy for your clients to find you!

Typographical Styling

MaxBiz has plenty of typography to match the professional design. It also has a set of business icons for you to use as classes in your content.

Modules everywhere

MaxBix has 16 module positions for you to fit your content anywhere you need.

Superfish Menu

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