mag.Press – WordPress Magazine Theme

mag.Press forms the base for all WordPress products which come from Obox, affectively making this our framework theme. Items such as widgets are updated here first and then carried over to other themes.



Multiple home page widgets

mag.Press comes packed with some nifty new widgets which can be implemented on the home page:

Also incorporated in the front end is a new sidebar video widget and share buttons in each post. The Post page is our most comprehensive yet and will continue to grow with some cool features.

The OCMX Typography Manager

When creating this theme the item that topped our list was the word ‘customizability’. This theme had to be easy to modify not only from a coding stand point but also from the control panel.

This lead to a comprehensive rethink of our font and color styling is managed in a WordPress Theme.

The result is the new OCMX Typography Manager which allows you to select between 36 standard and Google fonts and also choose your desired color and font size with a neat slide controller.

Overview page

Included in the manager is an ‘Overview’ tab which allows you to get an idea of how your style selection looks in combination with each other thereby allowing you to get the right balance between the elements.

Feel free to take this new theme for a test drive on our demo page or watch the video below to see the Type Manager in action! We have no doubt that you will be quite impressed by this new machine

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