Simply the best store locator component available for Joomla. This Locator component allows for the feature-rich search, display and management of a list of locations on your Joomla Web site in a highly configurable and simple manner. This can be used as a dealer locator, store locator, vendor list or any other type of location directory.


The locations can be displayed in a Google Map, Directory List View and Combined List & Map View. All views can be searched for locations within a configurable distance of a provided postal code, city, state or any other geo-spatial reference point understood by Google.

Each location is automatically Geocoded (assigned a latitude and longitude) using the address data provided. The Locator uses Google to geocode postal codes and address data, so that means this can be used in any of the hundreds of countries supported by Google. It includes a bulk geocoder for large lists and also geocodes individual entries as they are added. See our FAQ for a complete list of supported countries.

The Locator Component allows for name, description and address, link and email fields and also a free form HTML field allowing for a great amount of detail for each location. Include pictures, links or other media for each entry in the database. Our FAQ also includes a tutorial on adding custom fields.

You can tag locations with one or more custom tags. This allows you to create multiple directories on the same site or to allow for categorization within the same directory. E.g. tag entries as ‘Vendors’, then create a menu item that shows only that tag and you have a custom view of only locations tagged with ‘Vendor’. You can even choose the map marker image of each tag, allowing, for example, red icons are vendors, blue icons are suppliers etc.

You can also allow your users to add locations from the front-end, which can be automatically geocoded and optionally published directly to your map!

Other features include:

* No monthly fees!
* International support for all locations supported by Google
* Bulk import of location information via CSV files
* Bulk Geocoding (assignment of a latitude and longitude) of address data
* User-configurable, custom fields and templates to allow custom field arrangement & ordering
* Optionally display turn-by-turn directions to each location on demand.
* Bulk geocoding of hundreds or thousands of locations
* Search by Postal Code, Intersection/Address, State, Country, Tag, Keyword and more
* Includes a module to show a flexible search form on any page.
* Keyword search of your locations
* Joomla core SEF support
* Include hyperlinks, metatags, images, video and other media for each location.
* Tag locations with one or more custom tags
* Integrates with Google Analytics

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