Layover Magento Theme

Layover Magento supports Magento CE version 1.4.1.x, 1.5.x, and ! We’ve distilled your feedback from our top-selling Magento themes, along with our experience as a Magento Professional Partner to create Layover Magento the ultimate customizable Magento theme.

We’ve created this theme so that you hardly recognize Magento as the underlying platform.


View amazing things in action that you won’t see on other Magento themes unless you purchase expensive plugins or develop your own very expensive theme customizations.

Features & Benefits of Layover Magento

  • AJAX -enabled QUICKVIEW . In honor of top online retail visionaries such as Piper Lime and Revolve Clothing, Layover Magento allows your customers to buy without a “disrupt in focus”. In other words your customers can add products to the shopping cart without leaving the homepage or a category page! It’s like shopping with a personal assistant.
  • AJAX ADD -TO-CART visual notification for all products on homepage, search results, and categories.
  • FACEBOOK (Open Graph) integration on product pages. Track “Likes” per product in your Facebook account.
  • UNIQUE Product Spotlight with flipcards on homepage. Another sales-inducing feature of top online retailers.

Full Feature List

  • Homepage featuring:
    • Product Spotlight Flipcards
    • Top Sellers
    • Featured Items Galleries and Flipcards with Quickview
    • Newsletter Signup form
    • Message Block
  • All the pages you need to set up an online store:
    • Homepage
    • Category Landing / Product Listing page
    • Full-Featured Product page with Facebook Like
    • Register / Sign In page
    • My Account pages
    • Shopping Cart page
    • General Content page
  • AJAX -enabled QUICKVIEW
  • FACEBOOK (Open Graph) Individual Product Page Like
  • Free fancybox gallery integration on the product pages
  • Quickview product feature on category page and featured category block on homepage
  • Minimal and Stylish header and footer
  • Detailed documentation with screenshots

Layover Magento supports Magento Community Edition 1.4.x, 1.5.x, and ! The theme does not support Magento Enterprise Edition. PHP 5 .2 or newer is also required.

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