Multi Twitter Module :This is the best twitter Module In Joomla.This Awesome Multi Twitter plug-in display your(s) latest tweets on Joomla .You can display any twitter-user tweets on your Joomla site by simple adding the twitter user-name.



1 – It supports – Single + Multiuser tweets display,

2 – Compatible with all the latest web browser’s Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer-7,8 .

3 – Its very easy to configure and handy to use .

4 – Mouse Driven Scroller .

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* This extension is also available for Magento

Working Internet 🙂

Version 1.3:

* Number of tweets feature enabled.You can set no of tweets from the module admin .

* Set Width of the module from the module admin.

Version 1.4:

* Space is trimmed now , This extension will work now if you forgot to remove spaces between the user-name .

Version 1.5 :

* Now you can use this extension as “Twitter Search Widget “. As you can see here – the search string is “iphone”(

Version 1.6 :

* Now you can change the header background with any color

Version 1.7 :

* This version is also available for joomla 1.6 .(Please let us know if you want it )

Version 1.8 :

*Both the file (joomla1.5+joomla1.6) inside mod_latestweets .Unzip the folder and follow the documentation file.

Version 1.9 : (Major Release)

Now you can use latestweets module more than once on a same page , by just using the simple copy the module

Version 2.0

Link issue has been solved

Version 2.1 (Major update)

Now tweets will load automatically , no need to refresh the page everytime

*********Joomla 1.6 Version will also work with Joomla 1.7 and 2.5 ********

For any query or suggestion please visit our ticket support system :

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