Latest News Enhanced

Latest News Enhanced is an extended version of the latest news module included in Joomla!.


– Show a short introduction to the article text or choose to show its meta description (set the number of characters to show – 0 will hide the text),
– Show the author (name, alias or username),
– Show the date or how many days ago the article has been created/modified/published,
– Choose where to put the couple author/date,
– Choose between showing a calendar, the first article’s image or nothing,
– Set the positioning of the calendar or image relatively to the text,
– Set the sizes of the calendar or the image,
– Select the background image for the calendar or the default picture if no image is found in the article,
– Choose which date to show when opting for the calendar view (published, modified or created),
– Link to the article is optional, set your own label,
– basic K2 support (Joomla! 2.5+)
– and more…

Buy the extended version ‘Latest News Enhanced Extended’ for much more functionality and Joomla! v2.5 added features (the free version works with the latest version of Joomla! but does not take the new v2.5 features into account yet)!

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