Lacuna – A fun Joomla Template

Lacuna is a fun Joomla template that merges bright colours, with subtle textures, smooth gradients, a cluster of clouds and a splash of sunshine. This Joomla template offers an astounding array of colour choices and layouts that are designed to suit your personal blog, folio or slightly left of center Joomla business website.



Bright Colour choices to create a happy website

The Lacuna Joomla template gives you the option to combine up to three design elements with a range of palettes at your fingertips. You can select the background colour, the typography hilite and  combine it with the the footer colour to create your own multi-coloured Lacuna theme. There are a range of simple background colours or gradient inspired textures to choose from and the template includes a switch to enable to disable the sunshine and clouds that lie on top of the background.

Another elegant K2 template

Each month we create a new K2 Joomla template for our Joomla themes and the Lacuna K2 template is very smooth indeed. K2 may be complex but it is certainly rewarding to use for the end user. It allows unparalleled control over your content and the smooth gradients and ample whitespace in the Lacuna K2 template makes it a graceful addition to our growing stock of K2 Joomla templates.

For more information regarding K2 check the main K2 site.

Built on version 1.1 of the  Zen Grid Framework

Lacuna is built on the 1.1 version of the Zen Grid Framework. The framework provides amazing control over all manner of elements on your website and version 1.1 adds some significant new features and improvements that make controlling your website easier.

Tabs, sliders, split menus and more

Some of our Joomla templates in the past have featured tabbed and sliding modules but now they are a part of the core framework which means that Lacuna and any other v1.1. compatible Joomla template will come ready with the ability to slide and tab your modules right out of the box.

50+ Module Positions

Package Contents

  • xhtml and css valid Joomla 1.5 Template
  • Joomla 1.5 Quickstart package
  • Full PNG source files

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