JVideo is a video uploading, conversion, and streaming component built using the WarpHD.com video framework. With a simple install you can create your own user submitted video content site like YouTube or just publish your own videos for others to see.


New Features for 1.5.1:

* Stylish new modules give you more ways to display your videos

JVideo for Joomla 1.6/2.5 coming soon!

Notable Features:

* HD Video Support (720p/1080p)
* Direct to server webcam recording with no download (uses flash)
* iPhone/iPod/iPad Support
* Support for other third party components like JomSocial, Fireboard, and Community Builder
* Videos are processed, hosted, and streamed from the Warp video platform so you’re not limited by your existing hosting company’s video limitations
* Fast video conversion on an automatically scaling cloud hosted infrastructure

JVideo is FREE to download, and you can signup for a free Warp demo account to upload and stream videos (or you may opt for a paid account with support for more videos).

JVideo includes support for high quality video, direct to server webcam recording with no download, an advanced Flash-based video player, community-based video galleries with ratings and categories, and support for other third party Joomla! components including Community Builder and Fireboard. JVideo is powered by Warp’s advanced video conversion, hosting, and delivery technology. You can use JVideo on your existing Joomla! website just as easily as you would any other component. The components are seamlessly embedded on your site, but the videos are not uploaded or streamed from your own server so you don’t need to worry about running out of space or bandwidth as your website increases in popularity. JVideo was built for website owners and developers that want to provide a consistent, high quality video experience with Joomla. JVideo! is a complete white label solution designed to give your website an instant image boost by providing high-definition videos with your own branding, advertising, analytics, and the ability to automatically scale as your business grows.

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