JV Framework

Finally, we proudly present to you the test version of the upcoming major upgrade for our Framework: JV Framework 3.0 Alpha 1.
Flexible, customizable, high performance and developer-friendly. JV Framework 3.0 is a steep improvemence over our old



While dropping some functions like drag and drop, it had gained several new ones, more up-to-date features like a Grid layout control, a Responsive Design and a modular nature, allowing developers to improve or create new features with ease.
Included with this alpha version is our first template theme that support 3.0, also our first template theme utilizing Responsive Design: JV Basic.
Try it out and become one of the first to experient 3.0.
Please note that this list is for JV Framework 3.0, not the older versions

Quickstart (Joomla! install that includes demo data)
Columns: 12
Responsive web design(Full HD Support – 1900px)
HTML5 and CSS3 powered
Multiple Layout Options + Layout switcher
8 Colors and Color switcher
Validate xhtml and CSS
100% tableless CSS
Typography (allowing user to create BBCode like macros)
SEO Optimized – Content first
Custom theme profile (Theme style)
Compatible: Firefox, IE 7+, Chrome, Safari, Opera …
Mobiles support (I-Phone, I-Pad, Android, etc)
Google Fonts
Support RTL
Performance Optimization
Framework is modularized in the form of extensions
Several utility extensions (Analytics, Copyright, Date, Font Resizer, Flexible menu, Flexible Image, To Top…)
Flexible template and column widths
Flexible menu

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