Jtag Calendar

JTAG calendar an elegant, feature- rich event calendar available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portugese, Norwegian and Russian. Features such as SMS alerts, social bookmarks [facebook, twitter, google + etc], event commenting, gravitar integration Google maps , and more; encapsulated in an apple ICAL- like interface makes Jtag calendar one of the most intuitive and socially aware applications available for Joomla.

Whats New!!
– Bugs related to reminder and invite mails fixed. Custom fields added to Subjedt field in the Email template
– Bug fixed : Date picker slider fixed.
– Event owner can now attain the event. This functionality provided at both, frontend and backend
– Import the .ics files directly into calendar
– Now Send Invitational Emails from Front end !
– Now create group Events !
– Now send Invitational mail to user while creating the events from backend
– Attendee list can be viewed from the front end and a reminder email can be sent to them by the event organiser
– Now available in Russian and Italian language!
– Language Support for JTAG Calendar module
– Now available in Norwegian language!
– Admin can opt to limit the display for daily and weekly views from 8 am to 10 pm.
– Now users can add alternate link (displayed in “Upcoming Events” module for more info on events from the front-end as well!
– Now you can upgrade JTAG Calendar without having to uninstall – thereby retaining the data of old events!

Available in English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese!

[New features]

Upcoming events widget slider

• Elegant upcoming events slider that streams events from main calendar
• Fully Customizable to show[ date, calendar, description etc ]
• Display events from one or multiple calendars
• Display events on multiple pages for specific calendar
• Customize widget icons to match with calendar colors to distinguish departments, resources [ etc]

Native Ajax Event Search

• Calendar search that aggregates past and upcoming events for easier search results
• Search results in interactive tool-tip for faster navigation
• Native event search from anywhere on your joomla website

Users can now toggle on/off the display of the following features:

• Full screen button
• Calendar picker
• Attend button in both event tool-tip and List view

General Features

Adding events is a breeze

• Create one time or repeating events
• Set user permissions [ add, edit, view only or delete events]
• Add locations to your events [ Integrates with Google maps]
• Invite registered and non- registered users during event creation [ Coming soon]
• Stay organized with multiple calendars
• Assign custom colors to each calendar to identify departs/resource/ etc.
• Add detail notes to each event

Customizable Event Reminders

• View and confirm attendees manually or automatically
• Set event reminders for attendees [ mins, hours,

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