jQuery Sliding Menu


In the head section add the following code:


jQuery('#HorizontalSlidingMenu .SlidingMenu').slidingMenu();
jQuery('#VerticalSlidingMenu .SlidingMenu').slidingMenu({ initialOpacity: 0.5 });

Add the form in the body as shown below

That’s it you are done!

For advanced users:

List of options available:
backgroundClass Class of the moving background (Default: “Background”)
initialOpacity Opacity of the moving background (Default: 1)
slideSpeed Speed at which the background should slide (Default: 1, should be a fraction less than 1 which is max speed)
easing Type of easying with which the background should slide (Default: “linear”, must include jQuery UI core for this to work)
callback Callback of the sliding menu event (Default: “”)
backgroundContent HTML for moving background (Default: “


activeClass Class for the clicked link (Default: “ActiveLink”)
highlightOnClick Tells whether the menu item should get highlighted on clicking it (Default: false)

Hope you liked the plugin.

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