jQuery Plugin xBreadcrumbs (Extended Breadcrumbs) navigation

xBreadcrumbs (Extended Breadcrumbs) is a jQuery plug-in to create categorized breadcrumbs for your site. This may be useful if your website has a deep structure and you want allow your visitors to quickly navigate through one section of the site to another. xBreadcrumbs works with unordered lists (UL/LI) which would make your breadcrumbs fully optimized for search engines. An SEO freindly breadcrumb has many benefits.


Add the following code to your tag to connect jQuery framework, xBreadcrumbs plugin and CSS. (Make sure paths to files are correct.)

Create your breadcrumbs structure inside of your tag.

Use the following code (preferably inside of your tag) to initialize xBreadcrumbs.


Download: http://www.htmldrive.net/items/download/169

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