Joomla 2.5 – 3.x JFolder::create: Could not create directory

i keep getting this error JFolder::create: Could not create directory
how do i get it to stop…
i am on joomla 2.5 with jomsocial 2.6 and datso gallery … i dont know what is going on but it seem it has to do with pics?… when i get this message no pics show up




– check the path of folder: tmp and logs
– check permission of your folder install

Login to administrator and go to control panel > Site > System Information : Tab “Directory Permissions”

All should be GREEN and you should have 2 folders here as stated:

/home/username/public_html/logs (Log directory) Writable
/home/username/public_html/tmp (Temp directory) Writable

If any of them is not green you need to change permissions: Folders = 755 and files = 644. To do this for you the easiest way is download Admin Tools which has a tool to correct amongst others your permissions. The free version has this functionality

1) Go to Extension Manager > Discover > Hit purge > Hit Discover and if missing extensions shown hit Install

2) Extension Manager > Database > top right corner and hit FIX

3) Download and install Admin Tools from Akeebabackup (free) and than run “fix permissions” in AT. This will make sure that all files and folders have correct permissions

4) try upgrade Mosets again or otherwise download manually and read the upgrade instructions

Otherwise I strongly suggest to hire a professional to support you

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