Feature-packed Content Builder, Directory solution and Content Construction Kit for Joomla. Use it to build a Blog using its Type and Custom Fields Manager, or a News portal with loads of videos and Textual contents, or a Directory Listings with Newsletters for each category, or a Business Directory with multiple categories and forms, or a full-featured Articles Listing website. You can build, virtually, any type of Content with JoomD.

JoomD is a content construction kit, directory solution for Joomla and provides the following straightforward features:

* Type Manager
Lets you create multiple types of directory viz. a Blog, a School Directory, a simple Article Listings, Cars Directory and anything else you could think of.

* Category Manager
Manage categories and sub-categories for each directory type.

* Custom Fields Manager
Ability to Add, Edit and Delete custom fields. Various types to choose from for a custom field: Image, PDF, Doc, Excel, Zip, Drop Down, Radio button, WYSIWIG Editor, Textfield, Textarea, URL, Email

* Multi-language capability in JoomD
You can now create your contents in multiple languages and display them in the frontend.

* Automated Remote Update
So sit back and relax while your JoomD auto-updates itself!

* Installable fields
Fields are installable, making JoomD more flexible than ever with unlimited option for unlimited type of fields. Simply build and install use them in your form.

* Access Control for User groups
Set access controls like View, Add, Edit, Delete etc for each Directory type for different user groups.

*Loads of Modules

* Latest Entries Module
* Google Map Module listing all the entries
* Tag Cloud Module
* Search Module
* My Entries Module
* My Saved Items Module
* Category Module
* Newsletter Subscription Module
* Items Slideshow Module
* Items Scroller Module

JoomD’s Plugin Manager has some very interesting plugins and continuously developing new ones:

* Rate and Review plugin
Manages all the aspects of Ratings and Reviews for each Directory Type and Categories.

* Newsletter plugin
Create newsletters for each directory type and categories. Manage subscribers for each directory. Allow subscriber to subscribe to multiple newsletters using the Newsletter module.

* Import Export app
Import / Export your categories, fields, entries to and from JoomD using simple CSV files.

* Subscription and Package Manager
Create your packages, define the limit of entries one can submit, set a time period and voila! Users will subscribe to your packages and make payment through Paypal.

* Loads of configuration settings make it more and more flexible.

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