JoomBlog component is a Joomla! extension used to set up a blog directory on your web site. It is featured to manage personal blog and/or Team blog. This Joomla! blog extension has Social Network integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and integration with JomSocial. This Joomla! blogging component is easy to use and need no design adjustments as it takes all styles from your site’s template. Start your blog quickly with any of the two sample blogs containing three posts each which are delivered with the JoomBlog package. JoomBlog is compatible with Joomla! 2.5.


Using this blogging component for Joomla! you get easy-to-use tool with many useful features and settings. No tons of cluttered elements slowing your blog down! JoomBlog extension has the following features:

Multiple Blogs on One Site
Set up as many blogs as it is required. They can be Private and Corporate, thematic and general, they all can be available in one interface and listed in a free module List of Blogs.

Team Blogging
Create both Personal and Team blogs. With JoomBlog extension multiple bloggers can contribute to a single blog. It is possible to give different permissions to blog users: you decide which members have administrative authority and those who are just authors.

User-Friendly Dashboard
The blogging component comes with dashboard for instant blogging. You can edit blog, save blog posts’ drafts and schedule publishing. You can set blog to publish blog posts automatically just immediately after saving. Familiar blog dashboard features you’d expect are available: category and tabs creation, ‘read more…’ text changing, adding meta parameters. HTML editor can be used.

Social Network Integration
Connect your Joomla! blog with Social Network sites Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and stream new blog posts there.
You can promote your blog online using JoomBlog extension integration with AddThis service what makes social bookmarking very easy.

JomSocial Integration
Share blog posts in JomSocial. Special JomSocial application makes it possible to show personal blog posts on JomSocial profile page.

Commenting System
JoomBlog component uses a built-in commenting system to allow readers leave blog feedback. It is possible to moderate comments as well as integrate JoomBlog extension with Disqus. If integration with JomSocial is configured, JomSocial user avatar from will be shown in comments.

FREE MODULES coming in a package with the blogging component:
– Tag Cloud
– Popular Bloggers, shows bloggers whose posts have the highest number of hits.
– List of Blogs
– Categories
– Latest Posts
– Archive

Anti-spam Protection
To prevent your Joomla! blog from spam attacks the commenting system has anti-spam CAPTCHA protection.

Proceed to demo and take a taste.

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